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Last Forever.

Genevieve Zzyzyx


Coloring Book Factory LLC

caricature artist

Making Memories

Instagram _coloringbookfactory

Hand-drawn in minutes



$200/hr B&W

unlimited Caricatures

 (30 seconds - 8 minutes

per illustration) 

$350/hr Color

unlimited Caricatures.

 (5-15 minutes per illustration)

Add-on options (all flat rates):

-Provide mailing tubes

for your guests $60

-Custom Printed Paper

is $50 b/w, $80 color

Paper is easy-to-frame

at 11X14 inches.

Ask about framing availability

(sometimes we can bring

frames for an extra fee)

You may wish to book 

more artists for

BIGGER events. 

General speed recommendation

is one artist for

every 100 guests

(or extra hours/artists)

Guests may move and talk and

eat while getting drawn.

Kids do NOT have to hold still.

We accept Paypal, Venmo, 

Credit card (square invoicing),

Cash app, Zelle, Cash,

Check, and first born.

Please Book early,

weekends fill up fast!

Coloring Book Factory LLC

Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q. What do you need for set-up?

A. We just need space for 2 chairs to face one another. About 6 feet apart feels best for most people. The artist sets up with a special lap easel that takes up minimal space. We can bring chairs, lights, shade as needed.

Q. How do we schedule you?

A. Schedule with a $50 deposit after confirmation of availability. 

Email is fastest 

Q. Can you provide a COI?

A. Yes, please send information.

Q. How do we pay?

A. We send a link to payment using your preferred payment method (if digital).

Q. How far ahead can we book?

A. We schedule years ahead. 

Q. Can we schedule you "last minute"?

A. Sure, if availability matches.

Q. What is Custom Printed Paper?

A. This is an optional add-on item.

We can print an image, logo, or text onto the paper for a flat rate fee. The guest's faces will be drawn onto the printed paper, so they can remember your event decades into the future ($50 b/w, $80 color).


For this option, we just need a pdf of your image, or description of the design. Then we send you a few options to choose from. We do not print until the design gets approved by you and your team. Please allow a couple of weeks for design approvals and printing.

Q. What are Travel Tubes?

A. This is an optional add-on item. These are cardboard mailing tubes to protect the artwork. They're most commonly ordered with events that have a lot of out-of-town guests, or events with drinks, because they also serve as splash guards. They are about 18in long and 2in in diameter.


When an event has tubes, the tubes are set next to the artists and every guest gets a tube with their artwork ($60 flat rate).


Some companies like to provide stickers to be placed onto the tubes. The "Stickering fee" is just a $20 flat rate. Events without tubes will have rubber bands for guests to use. Please order tubes a couple weeks ahead to ensure availability :)

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